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After spending 5 years in Barcelona, Spanish and Catalan had become second nature to me. For a translator you might imagine this to be the ultimate success, but there was one noticeable drawback: the mental challenge was gone.

In 2017 I enrolled in LEARN Academy’s JavaScript Bootcamp and it's safe to say the mental challenge is back! While human languages take centuries to evolve, programming languages are constantly on the move – and that’s exactly what I love about coding.


Rachel is a talented and dedicated junior developer with a ravenous drive for learning and a passion for what she does. I've watched her pick up, and become proficient with, new technologies at an astounding rate and when given a project, she has consistently gone above and beyond the requirements. She would be a great asset to any team and I have the utmost confidence in, and enthusiastically, endorse her!
- Eric Norcross, Owner | Full-Stack Developer @ base10 Creations, LLC.


Full-Stack Web Applications
Full-Stack Web

From the immediacy of the frontend to the intricate inner workings of the backend, I love developing full-stack applications that are both aesthetically pleasing and architecturally sound.

Static Websites for Individuals and Businesses
Static Websites for
Individuals and Businesses

I'm all about supporting local businesses and the side hustle. If you're a San Diego resident, I'll gladly build your personal or business website at a discounted rate.

Community Events
Community Events

I organize Breakfast Club, a weekly gathering that brings new developers together with seasoned professionals every Friday morning, from 8 to 9 am. Wanna come? Drop me a line!



San Diego, California
(973) 941-7751